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November 21, 2017

By the time you’re reading this, you will most likely be making last minute preparations for Thanksgiving Day. Whether the Holidays are enjoyable or stressful, chances are you will be celebrating in very specific ways that are traditional to your family. These traditions are what make these gatherings special. We look forward to them. We count on them. Traditions provide a sense of stability and comfort that helps us relax into the occasion.

I have to tell you, I am a complete sucker for holiday traditions. I love the holiday seasons. Even when they are stressful and overly busy, I enjoy the pomp and circumstance that comes this time of year. I was thinking about these traditions in the context of what we’ve been learning together this fall from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. What are traditions except for predictable patterns and habits that we repeat in order to experience the best parts of our holidays? Traditions are choices that we make each year to ensure that we remember the important parts of our days and times together with friends and family. These traditions sound a lot like the kinds of practices that Christ calls us to fold into our lives on a daily basis. We think of traditions as annual occurrences but we can have daily or weekly traditions…we usually call them habits. In the same way our regular habits of prayer, rest, service, and worship allow us to enjoy the best parts of our days and weeks just like our favorite holiday traditions. I hope your holiday meals and celebrations are special times for you all. I also hope that we can all take a moment or two to consider the types of habits and patterns that we can fold into our days and weeks to experience the fruitful lives that Christ calls us toward.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Worship This Sunday
9:00 AM Traditional Worship
10:15 ASF/Fellowship CE Bldg.
11:15 AM Contemporary Worship

Deuteronomy 11:18-21; Matthew 7:24-29

All Campus clean-up next Saturday morning, December 2nd, 9am until we are done. The Scouts will be helping us get ready for Christmas. Projects outside and inside.

Mark your Advent calendar, as we kick off the season with our annual Christmas is All in Your Heart concert next Sunday, December 3rd, First Sunday of Advent @ 3:00pm in the Sanctuary. Bill Phillips and family will share the old favorites along with a few new additions. Guaranteed to get you in the Spirit! Last year, Bill even had snow falling through the trees outside, so let’s see if he can top that this year.

Upcoming Events

  • December 2nd, Campus Clean-up (interior/exterior), 9:00 am ~ ???, in conjunction with the Scouts
  • December 3rd, Annual Christmas Is All In Your Heart Concert presenting Messiah For A New Millennium, 3pm, Sanctuary
  • December 9th, 8am Men’s Breakfast Club meets at Emerald Heights
  • December 10th, one 10am Worship service, Annual Children/Youth Christmas Celebration; Open House in CE Building following the service
  • December 12th, 11am – 3pm Emerald Heights-RPC Christmas party
  • December 14th, Food Box Day, 7am – 7pm, Youth Room before Christmas break