In addition to the pastoral counseling services provided by Dr.Larry Grounds, we also recommend the Samaritan Center of Puget Sound.  This organization exists to help people cope, rebound, and heal from the unexpected difficulties life can bring.

About Samaritan Center

We believe in healing the whole person – body, mind, spirit and soul. At Samaritan Center we view ourselves as therapists in the business of caring for souls. We’re there, with our clients, to walk through the journey together. The increasing complexity of life has resulted in an expanding need for our services.

Samaritan Center’s tradition and roots are grounded in the Christian community; our inclusive approach to healing enables us to reach people from all walks of life and all faith backgrounds.

At Samaritan Center we believe the open doors of inclusiveness lead to healing. Staff never impose faith, but always listen to a client’s goals and help them move forward in the way the client feels is most appropriate for them.