Who We Are

A Place Where You Belong
In our supreme desire to have the life and teachings of Jesus Christ shape our community, we want visitors to our church to feel immediately included and cared for, just as Jesus accepted the varied people of his day. Our hope is for everyone in our fellowship to experience a family of believers who want to know and listen to their story  Our church is a place where people are allowed to express their joys, dreams, and gifts, as well as their sorrows, doubts, differences, and struggles.  It is also a place where you will find that people are available to listen, to pray, or to express God's mercy for you. 

A Multi-Generational Faith Community
We integrate our diverse age groups together in worship, work and play. We believe that the living Spirit of God moves within the dynamic of our everyday interactions.


Children and Youth
We joyfully embrace our children and youth RPC has a full-time Youth Director and a part-time Children’s Ministries Director.


Music and Worship
We glorify God with multiple styles of Christian music Seeking to be vibrant and “in the moment” in our corporate worship, we blend both ancient and contemporary elements in our services.


Sharing our Lives and Our God-given Gifts
We believe that God wants to use all believers to be ministers who share the gifts the Holy Spirit has uniquely given to each.


Making Prayer as Common as Breathing
We all need God’s mercy and forgiveness every day. That’s why we offer interactive prayer times in Sunday worship, healing services quarterly, intercessory prayer weekly, contemplative prayer bi-monthly, an active prayer chain, and special time for interactive and unscripted prayer in all our leadership meetings.